Psychobilly / Grunge / Showtunes / Rock / Alternative / Noise / Ambient


Band Members

Dol: vocal+weirdman
Pojiee: Drums cronics


Were formed in 1999 as a piece line up in Johore state. HONEY B properly formed mid year 2001 after band (Neverland) was disbanded. Before being Neverland, the first name was Menace and the first line came up in December 1999 is As @ Hasree on guitar and vocal, Bob on drums and Wan on bass. It went like this till they meet another drummer player (Nat) when Wan lifted the band at the same year because have some personal problems.

In year 2000 Nat and Bob lifted the band for they own life journey. As @ Hasree try to move alone and worked hard. In year 2001 Neverland was formed, Abe on bass and Bob on drums but they not as a permanents line up. Until the new line-up being founds when As @ Hasree meet up with new friends after he came to see his close friends performed gigs at Batu Pahat. They jammed together, afterwards their change name to Honey B with epoi on 2nd guitar, Thambe on bass and Ain on drums. This line-up being hard to move on because lives at different place. In last year 2001 As@hasree back to his hometown Pontian meets up with bands (67 Faulkner) Azam on Guitar and Rozlien on Drums and work as one band mates, they decide to used Honey B as a name. Man is introducing to complete this band to fill the bass player.

The first Honey B material being releases in January 2002 with title “Honey Be Like Me”- (demo). In the same year they record the follow up rare demo “Honey banjingan”. A couple track lists was unreleased songs from Neverlands. The band change from four pieces to three piece band in December 2002 because Rozlin and Azam lifted this band to discontinue their band 67 faulkner. Before they lifted Ajax was invited by As@Hasree to fill as a drummer. The band get together, exchanging opinion and they releases another material “Circus of Mind” E.P and Demo in year 2003-2004 under Speedrawk Records Entertainment label and Re-Press New Edit & Mixing version under Brainmusic Records Label.

Year 2006-2008 Honey B have change and replace the line-up twice with the more personal like money problems and other things. But still alive and need more times to excel their future to commence their own music. ……The great and active line up right now:

As@ Hasree- Guitar+vocal. All lyric and songs mostly written by him. He wrote the lyric and songs it’s about bullshits, personal, crazy thing is called love, lifes and etc. Various personal topics have effected his own life in some way or another.

Man – Bassist. Has been playing with this band from the first material was release. He learn lots of music style to improve he skills.

Odden a.k.a dodol@ustaz- Main Vocal. Before he joined this band, he was a singer from his own band called Marigold.

Pojiee –drums. Is one of As@Hasree close friends been invited as permanent line-up and and have his own band 40 Miles Appart, Lyophilized (r.i.p), Fuxing sheet (In memoriam). They release single in year 2008 “Get out from something outside”.

Honey B have a very long history of complicated situation, which is just like there is a lot of problem in their journey of music.Honey B influenced by many different style of music. They don’t care what everyone else think about Honey B with experiment concept. They got a vision,just listen their music. They stand to express emotions, feelings and opinion of their own.



2.)DEMO(Rare collection) 1998/2002-“HONEY BANJIGAN

3.)DEMO 2002-“CIRCUS OF MIND” 2003..

4.)E.P 2003/2004-“CIRCUS OF MIND” (Speedrawk Records/BrainMusic)

5.) SINGLE/DEMO 2008/2010 -“Get Out From Something Outside

1.)”JUST FOR FUN COMP” 2001-..(Released- Parachute Fanzine)

2.)”RAW IS WAR COMP” 2004-..(Released-PPU scene community)

3.)”GRUNGE WILL NEVER DIE COMP” (VOL 2) 2004-..(Released-Brain Music)

4.)”GRUNGE WILL NEVER DIE COMP” (VOL 3) 2005-..(Released-Brain Music)

5.)”WE ARE GRUNGE INTERNATIONAL” Compilation /Indonesia-UK-Uzbekiztan-USA- Netherlands-Malaysia-France-Norway/- (Released-Freak records – 2009)